All About MCX Option Chain


MCX option chains simply mean all the possible option contracts available for a specific asset in MCX. This proves very useful for specialists who deal with trading in commodities and investing or trading in these products. In this article, we will discuss the constituents of the mcx option chain, the advantages of having an option chain, and the approaches used in relating the various constituents of the option chain.

 Benefits of Using an MCX Option Chain

Let us first delve into the benefits of using an MCX option chain:

  1. Informed Decision Making

Provides a clear view of all available options, helping traders choose the best contract based on their strategy.

  1. Risk Management

Allows traders to hedge their positions and manage risk more effectively by selecting appropriate options.

  1. Market Sentiment

Making use of the open interest and the implied volatility to gain information about the trend and direction of the markets.

 How to Read an MCX Option Chain

Reading an MCX option chain involves understanding the different components and how they interact.

  1. Select the Underlying Asset

Choose the commodity you are interested in, such as gold or crude oil.

  1. Choose the Expiry Date

Select the expiration date that aligns with your trading strategy.

  1. Analyses Strike Prices

Compare different strike prices to determine which one fits your market outlook.

  1. Examine Call and Put Options

Look at the bid and ask prices for both call and put options to gauge market interest and potential profitability.

  1. Consider Open Interest and Implied Volatility

High open interest can indicate significant market interest, while implied volatility can suggest potential price movements.

 Strategies Using MCX Option Chain

  1. Covered Call

Selling a call option while holding the underlying asset to generate additional income

  1. Protective Put

This one is an insurance policy on your stocks; you purchase a put option to safeguard yourself if the price of the underlying asset drops.

  1. Strategy

The act of simultaneously acquiring a call and a put option at the same strike price and on the same expiry date with a view of achieving substantial gains as influenced by wide price fluctuations, upwards or downwards.

  1. Leverage

The simultaneous purchase of call and put options with the same expiration date but on different strike prices for the ability to profit from large-priced swings.


The MCX option chain is one of the most invaluable tools to evaluate the option trading acts in the commodities market as well as influential in making necessary decisions by the traders. Analysing them and learning how to apply this concept can help improve market address and mitigate risks better as well as capture opportunities effectively. Unfortunately, this is the extent of the availability of financial instruments that can be found on financial markets for those who are interested in broader information about the finnifty option chain. Such sites as 5paisa have incorporated interfaces for easy usage and several resources that do assist the traders deal with the complications emanating from such financial instruments.

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